Each year, prior to Remembrance Sunday, the Bristol Cenotaph is cleaned and sheltercoated. I have undertaken this work

for three of the last six years.

Fig 1. Bristol Cenotaph post 2010 cleaning (photo welsh harlequin)

Because of the annual cleaning schedule little dirt builds up on the Cenotaph despite it's position in the middle of a busy traffic island.

The main problem is the buildup of algal growth in the rainwashed unsheltered areas. It is not permissible to use biocide in

the sheltercoat because of potential polluting runoff into the paved over river below. Cleaning is restricted to high pressure steam (Doff).

Sheltercoat is then applied to the cleaned surface. The bronzes are cleaned and rewaxed, using microcrystalline wax on the same

yearly cycle.

In 2007 it was felt that the roundels commemorating branches of the armed forces were badly eroded and should be made more

recognizable. To replace them was felt to be too intrusive and extreme a measure so it was decided that I would remodel the surface

of each of the eight medallions using a hydraulic lime mix.

Fig 2. Navy medallion prior to surface remodeling

Fig. 3 Navy medallion after surface remodeling.

All the medallions were remodeled in a similar fashion and the process has proved to be very successful with little deterioration

in the surface over the ensuing three years during which the cenotaph has been cleaned annually.