This website attempts to give an overview of my work to prospective clients/ employers and other interested parties.

My work falls broadly into the following categories: (click on the underscored text for further information)


ø specialist stone cleaning - from swathes of grubby ashlar to fine sculptural detail using methods to suit the material and the type

of soiling. Knowing the difference between dirt and patina.

ø stone repair- 'plastic' repair using lime mortars made with 25 years experience of colour and texture matching , tile repair, careful

removal and renewal of pointing; modeling of missing sculptural elements to decorative stonework and statuary. Lime- putty and hydraulic;

expert understanding of mortars, limewashes and sheltercoats

ø paint and graffiti removal- removing unwanted paint whilst preserving historic polychromy. Graffiti eradication and the application

of protective, sacrifial surfaces.

ø ornamental plaster repair and renewal - repair of structurally failing decorative ceilings and renewal of missing elements either

cast or freehand.

ø paint analysis and redecoration - thin section microscopic analysis to determine historic paint schemes and redecoration of historic


ø gilding - exterior and interior oil gilding

ø consultancy - samples, analysis, exempla, method statements and specifications

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